Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Andreas Hamza Tzorzis another unimportant person deleted on wikipedia

Hamza .. the "international public speaker" of the "islamic education and research academy" (already two jokes in one sentence) was a guy who tried to educate PZ Myers on embryology (three and counting) and the quran's superior knowledge about the topic 1400 years ago.

I was shocked to see that he had a page entry in wikipedia. But lo and behold ... someone there obviously took the time to review it.
Hamza is now again in search for the meaning of life as his entry was deleted.
I just love the justifications.

The reasons are, that is no proof whatsoever for this person's notability and that this guy is without any relevance in public life or science

Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

Hitchens in Hell.... "God is going to give us what we insist on having"

I am happy for any evil comment religionists make. And i think Christopher would be too. For nobody could underline the essence of his book (gos is not great, how religion poisons everything) as strongly as religionists.
They do exactly what they supposedly wouldnt do because of their "superior morality" in relation to us "evil" baby eaters.

So to all theists I say ... "bring it on".

Via Atheist Media Blog

#GodisNotGreat Twitter Trend! Death Threats from CHRISTIANS on TWITTER.

not worth a comment

Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Christopher Hitchens' 'God Is Not Great' Trends on Twitter, Christians Threaten Violence

A Twitter hashtag meant as a tribute to Christopher Hitchens has turned into a mini religious war, with Christian users of the site threatening violence against anyone using the tag.
The hashtag #GodIsNotGreat began trending internationally shortly after the sad announcement that Hitchens had passed away from complications linked to esophageal cancer. The tag is, of course, in honor of Hitchens' best-selling book God Is Not Great, where he lays out his argument for atheism. God Is Not Great is a foundation of the modern atheist movement, and makes a compelling case for the uselessness of religion and the non-existence of any deities.

UPDATE: It seems that twitter removed the hashtag from the trends after protests by christians.

Christopher Hitchens is dead

Sad thing. He was a brilliant writer, I loved his English, I feared his wit and I admired his courage.

Actually there is nothing more to say.
If it wasn't for some of the comments that I see throughout the net. Some by people that should know better.
An atheist writing "we miss you"... and he is not the only one. Many more follow along that path.

So for all those supposed atheists that didnt yet get it:
Hitchens is dead, he is fucking dead. He can't hear you anymore!

Don't talk to dead people as if you were a theist (or are you one?).
Remember, take the good parts as example to follow or even better to exceed. But don't do as if he was "somwehere in heaven listening to or looking down on us".

To his family: my sincere condolences! We all lost an honest, intelligent writer, but this is nothing in relation to what you lost.

Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

Blasphemy, blasphemy, blasphemy ... 500 lashes and a year in prison

I have to make true on my promise and say FUCK ALLAH again ....

One can't help but wonder what the "religious police" thinks when it arrests someone for insulting companions of Mohammed.... while being on hajj.

You know ... normally only MUSLIMS go on hajj.
Doesn't matter for Saudis of course. Give him some 500 lashes and a year in prison. That'll teach him a lesson. How dare he make pilgrimmage and insult his own religion (no matter how strange it sounds).

Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

You want a discussion with me? See how it goes.....

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Deepak Chopra apologizes to atheist Richard Dawkins

I am speechless .....
Chopra:Good morning. The purpose of this video blog is an official apology to Dr. Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist. Recently I appeared on the Bill O'Reilly Show and I unfairly and mean-spiritedly represented Dr. Richard Dawkins. Dr. Dawkins has been critical of my work for the last seven years and, unfortunately, I reacted by being personally offended and was unfair in my criticism of him in both my television appearances and in my written criticism of him.
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