Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Pakistan: decline into barbarism?

Over the past months i have posted about Pakistan for several times. Especially the blasphemy laws caused and cause much trouble in this country.
The real question however is not if there is such a law and how to get rid of it but rather if such a law is backed by the people or not.

No matter what you think about such a law, if the people themselves want such a law, if the society that resides in a country is one that causes such laws then it is not the law that poses the main threat but rather the people themselves.

When i first posted about Aasia Bibi or later on when i followed with a post about the general attorney the scope of my critique was mainly the stupidity of the law and "of such people" that support it.

But since then things have gotten out of hand.
Salman Taseer , a governor of one of Pakistans provinces had spoken in support of Aasia and against the use of the blasphemy laws in this case. And then he was killed by one of his bodyguards. Shot with 26 bullets while his other bodyguards stood by and didn't act.

The question in Pakistan is not anymore if the law is inhuman.

The question is rather if the society in Pakistani has problems. And it seems it has way more than a few extremists or groups that hold the country hostage.
Its more than some civilian groups. "Legitimate religious mainstream" parties are involved.

Indeed the whole country seems to struggle with this.
Even celebrating the assassination.

And i would say that in the next 5 years we should see the country either loose the fight and fall back into Barbary similar to "Talibanland" or eventually get rid of the archaic, hierarchical, patriarchal system.

Unfortunately i fear that the road ahead seems to be one leading into ancient times and not so much into modern ones.

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