Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

How Atheists can help mankind using their computers

I've been a member of the World Community Grid for several years now and finally decided to join the atheist and agnostics team instead of having my PC run alone in the vast universe of WCGs members. The best way to show a ludicrous pseudo-moral theistic world that we are not all Stalins and Baby killers is to demonstrate the good we do.

I invite all atheists that have WCG running to join in and all those that spend a lot of time on their PC or have it turned on anyway for hours to register and download the client. (links below)

The more join the more visibility our contribution will have.

Here is a quotation from the About us page of the WCG:

Our Mission, Our Work and You
World Community Grid's mission is to create the world's largest public computing grid to tackle projects that benefit humanity.
Our work has developed the technical infrastructure that serves as the grid's foundation for scientific research. Our success depends upon individuals collectively contributing their unused computer time to change the world for the better.
World Community Grid is making technology available only to public and not-for-profit organizations to use in humanitarian research that might otherwise not be completed due to the high cost of the computer infrastructure required in the absence of a public grid. As part of our commitment to advancing human welfare, all results will be in the public domain and made public to the global research community.
          Our Sponsor
IBM Corporation, a leader in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, has donated the hardware, software, technical services and expertise to build the infrastructure for World Community Grid and provides free hosting, maintenance and support.
          How Grid Technology Works
Making a difference has never been easier! Grid technology is simple and safe to use. To start, you register, then download and install a small program or "agent" onto your computer.
When idle, your computer will request data on a specific project from World Community Grid's server. It will then perform computations on this data, send the results back to the server, and ask the server for a new piece of work. Each computation that your computer performs provides scientists with critical information that accelerates the pace of research!
To learn more about World Community Grid's current research, please link to our Research area.
World Community Grid runs on software called BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, developed at University of California, Berkeley, USA with funding from NSF (National Science Foundation).

Interested in helping mankind finding cures for diseases like HIV, cancer or muscular dystrophy?
Ever dreamed of helping with  or providing a solution to the worlds current problems like insufficient clear water, providing nutritious rice, developing cleaner energy?

Interested? Then register and/or join the atheists at the World Community Grid 

Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

Now proud member of the Atheist blogroll

Tarentola Mauritanica - Wazaghun has been added to The Atheist Blogroll. You can see the blogroll in my sidebar. The Atheist blogroll is a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world. If you would like to join, visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.

Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Religiousil: Your daily pill for religious bigotry

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Happy Birthday Earth (if any creationist knew)

As PZ (and others) have mentioned already earth just got a year older.
6013 years old according to creationism (or lets say the only variant that actually has a concrete number to offer).

Although this is not a "round" number I thought it would be a day for celebration for creationists. If you keep in mind what our average live expectancy is you should not wait for a new real round number before you can have a party. So this weekend I spend some time scanning through the creationists sites.

I haven't come seen any "creationday" parties. Could it be that the Ken Hams on this planet actually don't know what time it is?

Rachel Maddow - Anti-Abortion Extremists Soliciting Murder

no comment needed

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Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

Bigotry in Uganda: It doesn't end

Uganda has made it into the news a year ago because of its anti homosexuality bill.
That was quite some "cooperation" between american evangelists and native african "homo-haters". It is a shame that foreign Christian evangelists support or even caused much of the trouble there. If anyone wants to see Christian love at its "best" then Uganda is the place to look at.
Due to international pressure the bill hasn't become a law yet, but that doesn't stop Ugandan people from harassing and hurting people that are gay (or supposedly gay). The current status is not really encouraging.

Just yesterday the whole story got a new twist with an Ugandan newspaper printing the pictures of 100 people that are gay or support gays with a nice yellow banner with the title "Hang them".
The paper's managing editor, Giles Muhame, said the article was "in the public interest."

Well if that is not some kind of perverted attitude.
(View original article from the guardian or one from NPR.).

Luckily not all people in Uganda are perverted bigots. Blogs like the Uganda free though movement or Gay Uganda do their best to inform people and fight the shameful attitude of their brethren.

I wonder where the protest of all those good Christians in the world is.... well actually i am not really surprised that there is no appropriate reaction. It is difficult to argue with your brother ... especially if you think he is right in his highly moral views.

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

I have no clue about things, but i know that this was from God

Why is it that every time something positive happens which (perhaps) people thought of as improbable or impossible someone comes along and thinks that THIS is then a miracle of God?

Take the miners in Chile for example. Around 3 dozen men trapped several hundred meters below the surface for several months. Rescued by men after a tremendous effort of engineers and workers ? Well not really. Of course it was God who rescued them. Sadly at the moment there are several churches that wrestle with each other to see which specific version of God actually accomplished the miracle.
But of course in the end it was God and not someone else. Without him it wouldn't have worked.

Why is it that people always come up with such a nonsense ?

A few days ago on BBC Sunday Morning there was a fabulous discussion teaching each and every one of us something about delusions or perhaps being high on endorphines.

At 3:20 the preacher is in no doubt that God did it. Then comes the wonderful question why God then didn't save the 250.000 people that were killed in a tsunami and with a bright smile on her face the preacher states "Absolutely, we wrestle with all that."
I love sentences like: "That's the part we have to wrestle with, but i am in no doubt that that is a miracle."
Keep in mind that the second "that" is of course the rescue.

You must be kidding me.

Just when you think it couldn't get any worse it actually does.
The moderator asks a very good and very basic question which I think is one of the most fundamental questions that religious people should be able to answer.
How come God performs miracles for some but not for others. Others that are equally deserving so to speak.
And if ever you wanted to see a delusional person at its best just watch the answer.

Could be summed up in a "I have no clue why bad things happen but i know that this good thing was from God".

Such people make me afraid when they speak about "knowledge".

Why must freedom of speech cost money?

Lars Vilks finished his lecture in Uppsala this week.
We all remember what happened last time.

In order to have him finish his lecture of course this time protection was high and had a price of more than 700.000 SEK. ( I leave it up to you to calculate the cost in your currency.)

Over at the friendly atheist Hemant asks a very interesting question:
How much should the government and universities pay before we either take some sort of action against the terrorism or give in and not speak?
While I think this is an interesting question to ask in the abstract realm of thought i fear that there is no real practical answer to it. How would someone take action and what action would someone be able to take in a country where free speech is allowed and where protest to that speech also is allowed?

What exactly is it that we could or should do?

Remember that nobody is guilty until proven so, which brings us to the point that you could define someone as terrorist or criminal only if he actually attacked someone like Vilks. One might think that something has to happen to him before you actually are able to deal with the perpetrator of the crime. The alternative is to increase security as we have seen now in Sweden. And the result of this is a horrendous monetary cost.

Church Resignations exceed 20,000 after TV show about homosexuality

What does it take these days to get people out of church?
Obviously in some regions of the world it is sufficient to let the church speak out and inform the people about its basic teachings.
After a TV discussion programme on homosexuality in Finnland people flee the church like they would flee a stinking corpse.

The number of people resigning from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the wake of last week’s TV discussion programme on homosexuality and the church continues to rise. The number of resignations has now exceeded 20,000. Minister of Culture Stefan Wallin points the finger of blame for the mass resignations at the leader of the Christian Democrats, Päivi Räsänen.
On Saturday, some 4,500 members resigned from the church. On Sunday, a further 5,600 had quit, according to figures released by the Finnish-language online service “”.
Under normal circumstances, resignations total about 400 members over the course of three days.

Read the full story here.