Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Pakistan again: Doctor arrested for blasphemy

Following we have a demonstration of where stupidity in unison with religious laws can lead.
A doctor in Pakistan was arrested for blasphemy. What did that guy do?
Did he insult the "prophet" directly?
Did he make derogative remarks about Allah or Islam?

No. Far worse:

“The arrest was made after the complainant told the police that Valiyani threw his business card, which had his full name, Muhammad Faizan, in a dustbin during a visit to his clinic,” regional police chief Mushtaq Shah told AFP.
“Faizan accused Valiyani of committing blasphemy and asked police to register a case against the doctor.”

Now THAT is what i call blasphemy. How dare he throw away any cards with his name on them simply because  his name resembles that of the Islamic prophet? I wonder though what they do in Pakistan with the millions of people that might throw away letters they receive? Indeed that seems a wonderful business model. Send ads to people that have a "Mohammed" as first name. You can be sure that they will keep them forever. At least in Pakistan it seems.

Apparently the doctors was released 2 days later, but
But police refused to confirm or deny his release....
Dr Walyani was shifted to the CIA centre of Hyderabad in an armoured personnel carrier soon after the FIR’s registration. 

Does anybody understand that?

PS: Another "Fuck Allah" needs to be said again

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