Freitag, 19. November 2010

Pakistani blasphemy trial: stupidity knows no limits

I already mentioned the case of the Pakistani woman which has been sentenced to death for her insulting a dead man which some people take to be a prophet of theirs.

Via atheist media i got that nice interview of the attorney involved in the case and i must say again that the amount of stupidity knows now boundaries.
Just look at: 0:57
There he sits and tells you that this law of Pakistan is unrelated to Islam.
Now forgive my utter lack of intelligence but i simply fail to understand why a law that punishes people for speaking out against the Islamic prophet Mohammad, while sparing all those that speak out against any other religion is unrelated to Islam.
How could such a law exist at all if not for the existence of Islam?
Note that I am not making any claims about the law being Islamic or unislamic. I only say that a law that is unrelated to Islam can't selectively pass judgment because someone insulted an Islamic figure.
In order to be unrelated to Islam  it would have to punish ANY insult against ANY religion.
Instead it says: "Whoever defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Mohammad" .... sure sounds non related to Islam doesn't it?

One wonders what will happen with the kids and the husband that are left alone because of such laws.
Well, the world is already bad enough, why not create a bit more misery in the name of "peace" and "truth", Mr. Prosecutor ?

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