Montag, 22. November 2010

Atheism: In Your words. (An idea for a book?)

Reading the guardian online i found an article about an initiative by The Thinking Atheist.
He gathered short video clips from his (atheist) subscribers where they talk about the experiences they had.
Afterwards he made a nice video that is worthy to watch.

The video is really good. It made me think if a book presenting the personal stories of atheists would perhaps be worth reading and if such a book might actually be helpful for others.
I would be interested in the personal stories of every day people, not the glamorous ones, not the stars of atheism, just the normal plumber around the corner. A book filled with short essays (5-10 pages) about personal experiences with the family, work, priests etc.
Something that allows theists to actually realize that atheists are not different.
Something that allows atheists that haven't yet come out to see that they are not alone.

Such a book could be easily assembled and after validation through a good editor we might simply publish it as ebook or as a print on demand book.

Your ideas?

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