Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

I have no clue about things, but i know that this was from God

Why is it that every time something positive happens which (perhaps) people thought of as improbable or impossible someone comes along and thinks that THIS is then a miracle of God?

Take the miners in Chile for example. Around 3 dozen men trapped several hundred meters below the surface for several months. Rescued by men after a tremendous effort of engineers and workers ? Well not really. Of course it was God who rescued them. Sadly at the moment there are several churches that wrestle with each other to see which specific version of God actually accomplished the miracle.
But of course in the end it was God and not someone else. Without him it wouldn't have worked.

Why is it that people always come up with such a nonsense ?

A few days ago on BBC Sunday Morning there was a fabulous discussion teaching each and every one of us something about delusions or perhaps being high on endorphines.

At 3:20 the preacher is in no doubt that God did it. Then comes the wonderful question why God then didn't save the 250.000 people that were killed in a tsunami and with a bright smile on her face the preacher states "Absolutely, we wrestle with all that."
I love sentences like: "That's the part we have to wrestle with, but i am in no doubt that that is a miracle."
Keep in mind that the second "that" is of course the rescue.

You must be kidding me.

Just when you think it couldn't get any worse it actually does.
The moderator asks a very good and very basic question which I think is one of the most fundamental questions that religious people should be able to answer.
How come God performs miracles for some but not for others. Others that are equally deserving so to speak.
And if ever you wanted to see a delusional person at its best just watch the answer.

Could be summed up in a "I have no clue why bad things happen but i know that this good thing was from God".

Such people make me afraid when they speak about "knowledge".

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