Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

Bigotry in Uganda: It doesn't end

Uganda has made it into the news a year ago because of its anti homosexuality bill.
That was quite some "cooperation" between american evangelists and native african "homo-haters". It is a shame that foreign Christian evangelists support or even caused much of the trouble there. If anyone wants to see Christian love at its "best" then Uganda is the place to look at.
Due to international pressure the bill hasn't become a law yet, but that doesn't stop Ugandan people from harassing and hurting people that are gay (or supposedly gay). The current status is not really encouraging.

Just yesterday the whole story got a new twist with an Ugandan newspaper printing the pictures of 100 people that are gay or support gays with a nice yellow banner with the title "Hang them".
The paper's managing editor, Giles Muhame, said the article was "in the public interest."

Well if that is not some kind of perverted attitude.
(View original article from the guardian or one from NPR.).

Luckily not all people in Uganda are perverted bigots. Blogs like the Uganda free though movement or Gay Uganda do their best to inform people and fight the shameful attitude of their brethren.

I wonder where the protest of all those good Christians in the world is.... well actually i am not really surprised that there is no appropriate reaction. It is difficult to argue with your brother ... especially if you think he is right in his highly moral views.

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